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Monthly Meetings

Tryka holds monthly meetings at Imagination Stage, generally the on the first Saturday of each month. Every meeting contains various parts and activities.

Guest Speakers

One way to begin a meeting is with a presentation and Q&A session with an industry professional. At Tryka, we value giving our members a well-rounded perspective into the film industry, so we strive to find varied and unique speakers. In the past, we have hosted casting directors, student filmmakers, film professors, actors, and more!

Script Reading

At most meetings, we have a reading and group critique/discussion of a short screenplay written by a member of Tryka. This is a great opportunity to learn more about screenwriting and help other writers with your feedback.


On occasion we host short film screenings during our meetings, in which we screen films made by our members or contest entries for various Tryka short film contests.


An integral part of our mission as a film coalition is providing opportunities for our members to socialize and network with fellow filmmakers, musicians, actors, etc. Time is allotted every meeting for the express purpose of allowing this interaction happen, accompanied by free food and drinks!

Announcement Time

Each meeting will close with 5-10 minutes of open time for any announcements members would like to give to the group, such as cast or crew calls.

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