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Apply to be on Tryka Board 2021-22

Are you interested in shaping the future of the Tryka Film Coalition​? Apply for the Tryka Executive Board!

Fill out the Google Form below by February 9, 2021. We will be in touch to discuss your interest in making Tryka the best it can be!

President: Responsibilities include the overall vision of the organization for the year,
insuring productive monthly meetings, and overseeing the Board to successfully
achieve their respective duties.

VP: Other than generally supporting the President, typically the VP fills in gaps as
needed. The VP will also be the on-site manager of the monthly meetings.
Director of Marketing: Responsible for building a robust and active membership,
communicating all activity to that membership, as well as getting people to come to the

Shots Editor: Responsible for consistently providing an interesting, educational, and
fun monthly magazine-type of publication to the membership, whether on-line or hard

Director of Outreach: Responsible for acquiring guest speakers at the monthly
meetings, as well as connecting Tryka to other organizations nationally and

General Board Member: Support the Tryka Film Coalition as needed. Be a part of
expanding the organization and help make it worthwhile.

Click Here to Apply Now

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